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Comprehensive organization of weddings and wedding receptions – Cracow

Our wedding agency keeps raising the bar every day, explores the newest trends in the weddings’ organization, takes part in new trainings and cooperates with the best brands in Poland – and we do  it for you. We match the market and solutions to our clients’ needs – but never the other way round. We do everything we love and thanks to that, you can focus on what is the most important in that day –  on yourself. 

We use the experience which we have gained not only during the best trainings, but mainly through advising the future spouses on the organization of their weddings. Starting from the key elements such as a wedding hall, music, a photographer, invitations, a playlist as well as details which stress your special day, we create an unforgettable family event. The comprehensive organization of the weddings receptions is our job as well as passion – we are open to your suggestions, dreams, inspirations – we are here to make dreams come true!

Organization of weddings receptions – not only in Cracow

Are you wondering if the services of ‘Mr&Mrs’ are  for you? Definitely! We organize wedding receptions for everyone and we remember that the most important is fulfilling your dreams and ideas. Who benefits from the aid of ‘Mr&Mrs’ the most are couples who live abroad and get married in Poland, but they are not able to coordinate everything by themselves. We help also people who work a lot, people who look for the professional assistance in the wedding preparations as well as people who seek for professional solutions and a fresh set of eyes on various issues connected with the wedding’s organizations – from choosing a place, theme to the gifts for the wedding guests. 

kompleksowa organizacja wesel kraków

Cooperation with ‘Mr&Mrs’ is mainly to facilitate the preparation of the wedding as well as it is a great adventure – not only for us, but also for the future spouses. We can inspire each other and create an event which will remain in the memory for a long time. What will you get from us? First of all, you will save your time and gain knowledge of the certificated wedding planners. 

 We help with administrative and church formalities. You can make the key decisions concerning your wedding without any distress, while drinking your morning coffee. What is also important, we provide you with the pleasant cooperation throughout the time of the preparations to your wedding. While we take care of  many details concerning your wedding, you can be relaxed, because we have everything under control.  You have no choice… but to focus on each other!

The day of your wedding should be the one of the most amazing in your life. As ‘Mr&Mrs’, we are trying our best so as the whole organization and all the detailed aspects of planning should be chosen and organized properly. The bride and groom’s task is to calmly prepare for the Ceremony and to take care of each other’s mood, guests and to have fun until dawn.