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Coordination of the wedding’s day – Cracow

If you started preparing the wedding by yourselves, you know perfectly well that there are loads of things you have to take care of so as this special day in your life can be perfect. Coordination of the wedding day is time-consuming and involves organizing a lot of things at the same time. We can help you with it – ‘Mr&Mrs’ is a combination of male and female’s points of view. We combine our skills and experience so as the day of your wedding would be stress-free.  

The first step in our future cooperation would be a meeting which will take place at time and place of your choosing. During this meeting we can get to know each other. Then, we will ask you about your dreams regarding the wedding day and how it should look like. When we get this information, we will match our action plan to your plan of this day. We will also talk about the things which we should focus on – how we can help you, what to coordinate and what we should take care of.

We service future spouses who plan their wedding in Cracow as well as its surroundings. We coordinate civil weddings as well as church weddings, outdoor weddings receptions, weddings in the castles, mansions and restaurants. 

koordynacja dnia ślubu kraków

Coordination of the wedding’s day in Cracow

Are you wondering if you should use the services of ‘Mr&Mrs’ to prepare your wedding? You should especially if you have decided to do it all by yourself, but you want to have the possibility to relax and concentrate on your ‘inner’ preparations to the wedding in the final furlong. 

The day of the wedding is a round-up of months of your hard work, but it should mainly be one of the greatest, most beautiful and stress-free moments in life. So as to fully experience the beauty of your wedding  day, the coordination of this special day will be the responsibility of ‘Mr&Mrs’. We will take care of all the details and ensure that your ideal wedding will be perfect. 

What will you receive from us? First of all, you will be provided with the possibility of peaceful preparations to the ceremony. Thanks to this, you can focus on each other, your guests as well as partying. 

What we do at that time? We take care of the pre-established wedding day’s plan. We take good care of your guests, pick them up at the airport, indicate the accommodation as well as answer all questions concerning the ceremony. What is more, we will also keep an eye on the subcontractors during the preparations and finalize the collaboration. 

What is extremely important, we will react to the unpredictable emergency situations as well as incidents. We will keep in touch with you also after your wedding day until you feel that everything has been properly organized.