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Organization of special events!

A birthday party, hen party, jubilee, wedding, promotion – there are a lot of occasions in your life when you can spend fantastic time with your family. However, is the organization of a special event so easy? Cracow provides you with a great number of solutions, but if you want your party to be unforgettable, you should delegate this task to the professional planners. The job of ‘Mr&Mrs’ is to make your guests have great time as well as magnificent memories. All you need to do is to take advantage of the assistance of professional and experienced organizers, who will prepare your event. ‘Mr&Mrs’ waits for you with a great number of ideas and solutions. 

We organize special events in Cracow

‘Mr&Mrs’ consists of two friends who are avid enthusiasts and wedding planners. For years we have been learning and following the trends in the area of special events’ organization. We try to meet your needs and your ideas as well as expectations are the most important to us. For whom do we organize special events in Cracow? For anyone! But especially for:

  • people who work and do not have enough time to organize a big event
  • anyone who organize big family events, which should connect generations and various tastes
  • companies who want to surprise their workers and organize an outstanding party
  • people who want to surprise everyone and look forward to have an incredible party

The organization of special events may seem like a real challenge. However, we love organizing amazing parties and we will make every effort so as your guests will have great fun. What is important, we plan your ideal event together with you, so that we can connect your vision of this celebration with our skills and experience. 

organizacja imprez okolicznościowych kraków