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Outdoor wedding – Cracow

Original and dreamed-of June wedding, which is full of flowers as well as sun and takes place in a fabulous setting – every bride and groom want their wedding to be perfect. Your dreams about this special day very often incorporate outdoor wedding. 

‘Mr&Mrs’ is a duet which makes every your dream come true and will organize unforgettable outdoor wedding you deserve. Don’t be afraid to dream and create with us a vision of your perfect wedding. We will support you at every step and take care of this special day so as it can be indelible. If Cracow is a place where your wedding and wedding party take place, we will be delighted to help you with the organization of this extraordinary day. Where could it take place? In a park, palace, garden, by the lake or in a place of yours dreams.

A way for a successful outdoor wedding – Cracow

The outdoor wedding in Cracow can be seen as a big project, but thanks to ‘Mr&Mrs’, who can surprise you by their ideas and original solutions for this amazing day. What is more, thanks to our cooperators as well as carefully selected subcontractors, we can organize the perfect space for the marriage vows. Flowers, a wedding tent, comfortable chairs, dainty garlands – everything depends on your ideas. We will create an amazing place where you say the famous ‘YES’. For whom the outdoor wedding is perfect? For everyone, especially for the couples who dream about the wedding in the bosom of nature – in a forest, park or by the river. 

ślub w plenerze kraków
plener ślubny kraków

Do you dream about the outdoor wedding in Cracow? Contact us! 

‘Mr&Mrs’ provides you with comprehensive support during the preparation and organization of your outdoor wedding. Due to our experience, your ideal wedding becomes a real thing! Not everyone realizes how many formalities you need to think of so as such a wedding could take place. The experienced wedding planners know about all things that should be done before such an event – they know about all the tasks, reservations and permissions. Thanks to our outstanding organization, we will do everything so that you and your guests can have great fun during this special celebration. 

How does ‘Mr&Mrs’ help you? We support you in all crucial formalities. Moreover, we help you with the choice of suitable place for your wedding. We explore your ideal place for your wedding or suggest something different, after taking into account your expectations and inspirations. We also take care of the ceremony and its decorations. What is important, we prepare a contingency plan in case of bad weather. 

The outdoor wedding may seem to be a major organizational challenge. However, Cracow and its picturesque surroundings cause that a lot of couples want to organize a beautiful and original wedding in the bosom of the nature. As ‘Mr&Mrs’, we will do everything to fulfill all the formalities on time so that your dreams about the wedding in the open air can come true.